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‘Eelke’ is Eelke Ankersmit. Singer, songwriter and musician. He graduated with honors from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and has been writing and releasing music ever since. Previous releases have received airplay and live performances on national radio (Radio 2, 3FM, Kink FM and Radio 1) and were very well received on Spotify. He released his EP Something In The Night in a sold out Cinetol Amsterdam in March of 2019.


Eelke’s music is not easy to categorize. From the sensitive Americana he released with his former band The Rag Trade on their self-titled record (2014, Cane Goose Records) via the melancholic singer-songwriter sound of his EP Old Friend (2015, TCBYML) to an alternative rock sound which can be heard on the singles Secondhand Smoke and Okay from 2017, Get There and Midas In Reverse from 2018, and of course on more recent work; his EPs Something In The Night (2019, LAB Music) and Mirror (2021, LAB Music).


For his latest effort Tomorrow Same Time Eelke joined forces with his old bandmate, friend and much sought after drummer Mischa Porte (Douwe Bob, Luwten, Pitou). Together they made a selection of songs from the pile of raw demo recordings Eelke had gathered. After that, they planned the course of action for the recording of each song individually. The result is a varied EP. Four songs that each seem to exist in their own space. The starting point is mostly acoustic, but be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns.

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